Different Types of Entertainment

Different EntertainmentBefore we look into different types of entertainment, first let’s define what entertainment is. Entertainment is any kind of activity that provides amusement for people in a passive way, other entertaining activities that involve participating are considered recreation or hobbies.

There are many types of entertainment for particular tastes, for example we have cinema, theatre, sports, games, social dance, concert, comedy shows, animations, impressionists, clowns and the list goes on and on.

These form of entertainment can than be divided into groups according to the age and interest of the people being entertained. For instance we have child , adult , live action , public and corporate entertainment. In this article we’ll give a brief explanation to some of these forms.

Child Entertainment

Kids need to be entertained and some times the entertainer or the entertainment agency needs to find a balance between mental and physical activities. Clowns, puppets, pantomimes and cartoons tend to appeal to children, though adult might find it enjoyable too.

Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment many times is related to the sex industry, but this form of entertainment can not be related only with the sex industry and its branches. Adult Entertainment involves things like music concerts, live sports, opera and a hand full of other activities that kids might not find so appealing.

Live Entertainment

This form of entertainment is broadened to all ages as there are a variety of activities that can labelled as live entertainment. For instance music concerts, live TV shows, live sports, theatres and any other activity that you could think of that is aimed to amuse people.

Public Entertainment

Nowadays probably one of the forms of entertainment that have grown the most, thanks to the economic downturn. When you walk around any major city around Europe you will notice a wide range of public entertainers working for any amount of money the public decides to give them. There are public entertainers of all sorts from mimes to Peruvian Flute bands all working with the uncertainty of how much money they will make, that is why they tend to be more common in major cities where there are more tourists.

Corporate Entertainment

Aimed for corporate events, private parties, award ceremonies, product launches and it is better organized by a professional entertainment agency as most of time these events involve hundreds maybe thousands of people and no one better than the professionals to take care of these form of entertainment.

With these we cover the major forms of entertainment n the following article I’ll explain in depth each one of them with more details and examples.

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The Psychology of Entertainment

Psichology EntertainmentOn the private and public forms of entertainment and the psychological mechanisms in entertainment

Entertainment has many dimensions and could be personal/private or more general and public forms of entertainment. When we play with our mates that is a personal form of entertainment and when we sit and watch a movie on the screen that is a more general form of entertainment as we are sharing the experience with many others. There are some differences in our perception of private and public forms of entertainment as personal entertainment will always be based on personal experiences, our personal worldview and will be determined by personal interactions.

The more general and public forms of entertainment are less interactive and there seems to be this basic contradiction as all personal forms of entertainment are more interactive and public forms of entertainment are more personal and private. This scenario has been changing with television programs increasing audience participation in the program however interaction patterns between entertainers and viewers in any public entertainment scenario remain within strict limits and boundaries.

Entertainment takes us to a different world and feeds our need for fantasy and an escape from real life. This is especially true for entertainment that is more public or provided by the media and entertainment provided by films, theatre, music, and all forms of creative art. Films and theatre transposes us to a world of fantasy and grabs our attention so we remain engrossed as almost a part of this alternative reality. Entertainment could also be in the form of magazine stories and gossip or even celebrity culture and the psychology of entertainment could also explain the extreme craze of celebrity culture that we have in the modern world.

Celebrities seem to open up a world of fantasies and for some people knowing every move of celebrities could bring immense satisfaction as it would almost mean participating in fantasies. Fantasies help in overcoming frustrations and serve as therapeutic as they aid in the escape from realities of life. Real emotions and real life are stressful and entertainment helps us to move beyond real life and moments of stress to participate in fantasies that are soothing as we do not have to be directly involved in these fantasies and yet as spectators we can still participate in a tacit or passive manner.

Participation in any book, film or creative art is almost like sitting on a reclining chair that has the technology to soothe your muscles while you relax. In the case of entertainment we participate almost in a passive manner and although we may be very alert and awake in the process of watching a movie, entertainment gives us the illusion of non participation as we don’t have the opportunity to get voluntarily involved in the scenario. Anything that gives us some form of pleasure could be considered as entertainment although entertainment could also give us pain as when we cry when we get emotionally involved with characters while we watch a movie.

Entertainment could trigger emotional involvement and emotional reactions such as happiness, sorrow, anxiety, fear and despite these strong emotional participation, there is little or no physical activity necessary on the part of the viewer. This active-passive process is the main attraction of entertainment as entertainment enables us to be both active (in terms of emotion) and passive (in terms of physical or voluntary mental involvement). Entertainment means like films are influential yet they influence subtly rather than aggressively and this subtle influence seems to work better on the human mind than any aggressive forms of influence. We see work as duty and entertainment as pleasure although both involve some form of emotional involvement. Work at the same time requires voluntary participation, decision making and physical involvement along with emotional involvement.

Yet why is work perceived as something heavy and entertainment as methods of relaxation? The answer is unpredictability. In case of entertainment, in most cases we may not even know what to expect from a movie or a music video. This unpredictability triggers our interest as we are unable to predict what emotional states would be evoked during this mental adventure. Entertainment is usually a form of mental and emotional adventure. In cases where we do know what a movie is about, it is the feeling of emotional familiarity that drives us to experience what we already know. Suppose a video game gave us a pleasurable feeling or evoked aggression and competitiveness in us, we go back to feel the same emotion as it was pleasurable or exciting. Stretched too far these forms of entertainment could easily become addictive.

Coming back to the distinction of work and entertainment or play, work involves responsibility and despite the emotional involvement in entertainment, apart from being a passive participant, we do not have to be responsible for anything, there is no problem solving or decision making and that is how entertainment in all its form is so pleasurable as the right brain activities of decision making and the cortical regions of the brain are not activated completely yet the pleasure sensations and emotions such as the hypothalamus and left brain activities are usually activated so we tend to associated entertainment with emotions rather than problem solving and decision making.

We humans are rational beings and yet emotions still seem to rule our lives and form the core of our existence as emotions still draw us to do things that may be irrational. Entertainment being primarily emotion provoking rather than reason provoking has a major impact on people’s lives. Appreciating any forms of entertainment could switch from the stages of interest to emotional involvement and finally addiction. The celebrity culture is a direct result of the last stages of appreciation for entertainment.

An interest in celebrities comes from emotional involvement with characters in movies and there may be substantial lack of differentiating fantasy and reality so fans of celebrities are more in love with the characters these celebrities play or the traits they project rather than the personality of celebrities. The celebrity culture seems to take people to a persistent fantasy world and individuals are seen as discussing all aspects of celebrities from their shoes to their hairstyle to the cars they possess. This sort of culture could however be explained with individual need to escape reality and identify with someone in a fantasy world and would be an important element in the study of fantasy.

The study of entertainment brings out many psychological aspects of active-passive participation in emotional or mental adventure and these could be

1. Identification – Viewers often identify with characters in movies or figures in art and this strong identification helps explain the value of entertainment. Young children have seen to imitate film stars as they begin identifying with movie characters.

2. Fantasy – Entertainment feeds on the need for fantasy in people and provides an escape route from the real world. Addiction to entertainment could be the basis of reality anxiety in people.

3. Projection – Individuals tend to project their own emotions or state of mind on to a painting or a song and could derive pleasure from this

4. Regression – Entertainment could often remind individuals of their past or a part of their own life they may have forgotten and in some cases bring out the child in them. For example when older people enjoy video games, it brings back their childhood and they may become addicted to this sort of entertainment.

5. Sublimation – Entertainment is also a form of sublimation of our impulsive desires and this especially true when we participate in entertainment as in the interpretation of art

6. Displacement – In non participative and passive forms of entertainment, individuals tend to escape from reality and displace their emotions from real people to characters in movies. For example a teenager in love with a girl whom he cannot attain may fall in love with a character of a movie who may have similarities with his dream girl.

All of the above processes are ego defense mechanisms delineated by Freud and the interplay of so many defense mechanisms in entertainment suggest that entertainment is more than simply a source of pleasure and could trigger complex psychological processes in the human mind. More research would be required in this field of psychology for a complete understanding of the advantages or disadvantages of entertainment in modern society.

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Tips for Matching Event Entertainment to Corporate Guests

Corporate EntertainmentPlanning an event entertainment can be one of the most daunting tasks ever. It requires a lot of creativity as well as knowledge of what the targeted audience enjoy most. The journey towards finding the most perfect and wonderful event performers should be treaded carefully to avoid little mistakes that may prevent it from being a success. Below are some of the greatest tips for matching to the corporate guests.

Look forward to finding best corporate entertainers

Most people in the corporate entertainment industry know that there is a distinction that should not be crossed in regards to entertainment content. It is therefore important to seek those individuals who have great reviews from other business clients. They should have a great experience in their stage performances.

Always ask for a preview of their entertainment videos

Most corporate entertainers normally have a clip that shows exactly what their performances look like. It is important to watch a preview of this and know the suitability and level of entertainment it will provide. By watching this tape, you can be sure of what to expect from the event entertainment. Through this tape, you can judge the people and know their level of dedication towards their entertainment careers.

Consider the purpose of holding the event

One of the greatest things that you need to keep in mind is that not every corporate entertainer is fit for any event. You need to select the right entertainers who hold the right theme for your function. They should also comprise of a reasonable size. Suppose the event marks a launch of a product, the audience is large and needs a much entertaining factor that suite all ages as compared to training workshop learning.

Seek a variety of performers

Organizing a show that engages various performances is a great way of entertainment. This ensures your guests get various entertainment choices hence keeping them from boredom. This is greatly important especially in breaking monotony of one person performing on stage. A good corporate entertainment requires amalgamation of various performers and letting them entertain the guests suitably.

With the above tips, you can be certain to find the most appropriate event entertainment group. They will also lead you into picking the best and most relevant entertainment group for your guests. In this way you can make them have fun and exciting experience at your event. If you are planning for a corporate entertainment Vancouver or any other function, the above four tips will guide on how to choose the best corporate entertainers.

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Mickey Mouse Collectibles Timeless Appeal of a Classic Character

M – I – C – K- E – Y, M – O – U – S – E. We all know the song, but why do we love Mickey Mouse so much? Judging by the overwhelming amount of Mickey Mouse collectibles that are purchased every year, it is definitely safe to say that Mickey Mouse has found his way into the hearts of people of all ages since his introduction by Walt Disney as Mortimer in 1928. Luckily, Walt Disney’s wife didn’t approve of the name Mortimer, and the much more pleasant name Mickey was born.

Mickey is a multi-generational mouse who works his magic on practically anyone from any walk of life. He is ageless and doesn’t look a day older than he did in 1928. What is his secret?

Among the most popular of Mickey Mouse collectibles and memorabilia are the insanely popular Mickey Mouse figurines. Mickey is depicted in literally thousands of ways in Mickey Mouse figurines. He can be seen wearing different sets of clothing like tuxedos, sailor suits, wizard robes, winter gear, and much more (or his traditional red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves.) He can also be spotted in various scenes, celebrating holidays, spending time with his female counterpart Minnie Mouse, or whatever else strikes his fancy. Mickey is a versatile mouse who will participate in most any activity.

More recently, Mickey Mouse flags have become quite popular with fans. Displaying Mickey Mouse flags outside one’s house, waving off the side of the car, or on the wall is a great way to show admiration for America’s favorite mouse. There are hundreds of flag designs depicting Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Obviously Mickey Mouse collectibles are such a timeless, happiness-inducing item that they won’t decrease in popularity anytime soon – if ever. Mickey Mouse is a true American icon much like Elvis, Harley Davidson, baseball, and apple pie. He is a mouse who is here to stay regardless of outside events. He has survived many wars, economic downfalls, cultural shifts, and natural disasters. He is a force not to be reckoned with.

Fans continue to visit the various worldwide locations of Disneyland and Walt Disney World in consistently increasing numbers each year, which seals the deal even further that Mickey and his crew aren’t going anywhere. Go to Disneyland or Disney World and get this iconic mouse’s autograph. Hats off to Mickey Mouse!

Create Biography using Scrapbook Supplies

An explanation or a detailed description of a persons life is called a biography. Biographies recount the experiences of a particular persona. Aside from experiences, biographies also indicate the birth, education, work, relationships, and death of a person. Most of the times, people who are famous and have contributed significant ideas and works in the society are the main subject of biography.

Aside from biography, there is also autobiography. Autobiographies are made by the person himself. It means that the subject of the autobiography is the author himself. So do not confuse yourself when you distinguish the difference between biographies and autobiographies. Always remember, a biography is made by other persons other than the topic being referred.

According to Wikipedia, the most popular biography during the late Middle Ages in Europe was “Le Morte dArthur” or “The Death of Arthur,” written by Sir Thomas Malory. Usually, national heroes and heroines are also the main topics of various biographies and in fact some of them are part of specific curriculum. In this Philippines, for example, there is a particular course about their national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Students nowadays do not have much difficulty in finding facts and topics about Rizal because of the internet. With just a click from their favorite search engine like Google then their problems are solved. However, students must consider also that not all stories being mentioned in the internet are reliable. It is therefore suggested that they must examine the reliability and source of the data.

Men from science and politicians are also the other subject of biographies. Those include former American President George Washington, phonograph and film camera discoverer Thomas Edison, renowned German physicist Albert Einstein, and among others. If there are so-called autobiographies, there are also short biographies. Those offer summarized accounts of the experiences and life facts of a particular person. Short biographies only contain the important events of the biographys subject.

Most of us are getting bored in reading biographies that contain only texts. Well it can really cause aches on our eyes and brain. So if you are planning to create a biography or an autobiography, rather, then you can use scrapbooking supplies to make it better. Add pictures on your work to entice the readers. Pictures can let them have better understanding on what you are trying to convey. Elaborate time charts that highlight the important events that happened on your life with highlighters. You can create customized scrapbooking papers to make your work creative. Mixing various colors can also add creativity so you should try it.

How To Attach A Guitar Strap To An Acoustic Guitar With Only One Strap Button

If you own, or have ever even taken a look at an acoustic guitar, most of them only have a single knob or button on the bottom where you can attach a strap. Have you ever wondered why? I have.

While I’ve browsed Google, Yahoo, Bing and Wikipedia, I can not find an answer about why. I’ve checked out the websites of Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Fender and a lot more manufacturers and they definitely do not discuss it. I can not even find anybody on a guitar online forum who has speculated about why.

I’m not the only one who questioned that and fortunately, somebody named Lucas Man provided this explanation on YahooAnswers.

“Most acoustics only have a single strap button on the butt of the guitar. The reason they don’t have one near the heel of the neck is because if you hook a strap onto an acoustic guitar that way, the guitar will suffer from “neck dive”. That’s when the guitar isn’t balanced properly on the strap and the neck falls down instead of staying at a nice comfortable angle. This happens because the body of the guitar is so light and can’t counter the weight of the neck.”

Many people suggest the answer to the issue is to install a 2nd strap button. I’m not about to drill on my guitar but I understand if I take it to Sam Ash or Guitar Center they’ll be happy to do it for me. To that, Lucas Man advises,
“remember, there’s probably a good reason they didn’t put one (strap knob) on in the first place.”

Alternatives to the Shoe String.
If you accept that reasoning, then what’s your option for attaching a guitar strap to an acoustic guitar?

For years, people have actually connected a shoe lace to the top of the acoustic guitar to attach the strap to the guitar. In fact, it’s so common that many guitar straps are sold with a shoe lace already attached to the strap. But, a shoe lace is not only an unattractive option but is likewise subject to being torn, frayed and broken throughout its use. Worse yet, lots of guitar players say it causes stress on the neck.

Now there’s a new product available which solves this particular problem by providing good balance to prevent neck dive and covering more mass than a shoe lace, thereby removing the neck stress issue.

The Leather Acoustic Guitar Strap Holder.
The leather guitar strap holder offered by MAC Music Accessories secures firmly around the neck of the guitar over the frets and under the strings so that there is no interference when playing.
Furthermore, the strap holder is simple to button on and off so you can leave it affixed to the guitar or the strap; whichever you prefer.

The Advantages of Using a Leather Guitar Strap.
There are definitely a variety of benefits to having your acoustic guitar protected by a leather strap holder instead of a shoe lace. Certainly, a proper strap holder looks professional and offers a more pleasing look than a shoe lace that looks homemade and amateurish.

Leather is not only flexible; it is extremely strong also. It needs only minimal maintenance which means that under normal conditions the strap holder will last for years and only get more beautiful gradually.

For those who own an acoustic guitar, it’s definitely worth thinking about making the small investment in a leather acoustic guitar strap holder in place of using a shoe lace or having another button attached to your guitar.

Get the Best TV Entertainment ever with DISH Network

Are you ready for the best ever TV entertainment? Switch to DISH Network. Number one in satellite TV entertainment in the United States, DISH Network brings you nothing but quality TV entertainment at a very reasonable price. You will be surprised to get such a wide variety of entertainment at such a pocket friendly price. It is sure to become one of the most entertaining as well as budget friendly TV experience.

With the current economic condition people does not have loads of money to splurge. If they can save some, they would rather save it than to spend it on petty things like TV entertainment. DISH Network, the leading name in satellite TV entertainment in the United States understands this problem better than anyone else and for that reason it has brought you some of the most budget friendly DISH Network packages that will meet all your TV entertainment needs and at the same time will smugly fit into your entertainment budget. Dont believe it? Check this out?

What is your common requirement from your TV entertainment? a good amount of sports, a lot of movies and some general entertainment, right? With DISH Network at your place you will probably get all of them in just one package. Yes, most of the DISH Network packages come along with movie channels, sports channels as well as general entertainment channel. So, you can now get the most of TV entertainment with a single DISH Network package that comes under $30 a month. Thats under $1 a day! What more can one asks for?

You will have a great time with DISH Network packages at your place. You will have over hundreds of channels in DISH Network packages. The packages will bring you a number of local channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and a lot more. You will have a great time watching these TV channels that brings you nothing but the best of TV programs. You will also get some of the best sports programming. Most of the packages come with the regional sports channels on DISH Network. With this channel you will get to see some of the best regional sports on your TV. There are a number of movie channels on DISH Network. You can watch loads of movies with DISH Network.

Whether you enjoy the old classics or the latest action packed blockbuster, you will definitely find a movie of your choice with DISH Network, your leading satellite TV provider. The satellite TV provider brings you a number of satellite TV entertainments via different movie channels as well as pay per view channels. These channels bring you everything from the latest blockbusters to the newest entertainments. You will be offered loads of choices from which you will find it hard to pick just one program and enjoy it. I am sure that you will ultimately end up choosing a number of programs. As most of these programs are reasonably priced, watching them will not burn a hole in your wallet. But at the same time you will have a jolly good time with DISH Network entertainment.

Watch Degrassi The Next Generation season 10 online

Watch Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 online and revive the memories of your teenage life, when bubbles of immense energy used to blast in your blood. The peppy entertainment retuned to our television screens on July 19, 2010, with the premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10. Its attention grabbling airing journey is still in continuation and has progressed up to 24 episodes. The lively teenage characters of this show have new problems to deal with. Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 episodes are touching altogether new aspects of their lives.

Ardent fans of this show can catch the Degrassi: The Next Generation series latest aired episodes online. The fun for them does not stop here, as pretty soon the opportunity to watch Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 episode 25 online will also become available. Its airing date is not to far away. This episode titled Dont Let Me Get Me, will greet the Degrassi: The Next Generation fans on October 8, 2010.

As far as its interesting plotline is concerned, it will center on the students return to Degrassi after well-enjoyed winter holidays. The students will be left surprise stuck, when they will be subjected to uniform changes and stricter discipline. Their struggle to deal this fresh bundle of problems can be seen on October 8, 2010.

For Degrassi fans, who are always in a mood to demand more entertainment, internet will present the opportunity to view Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 episode 25 online after its telecast. Catching the highly engrossing Degrassi: The Next Generation television series on the web is always great fun, as internet is a flexible medium of entertainment, where television addicts can watch TV shows online at times, which suit them the most.

The attention grabbling episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 still have a lot to offer to us. Almost half of the ongoing season is yet to be aired. So all those who love to dig deep into the full of life world of teenagers will be extremely happy these days, as one of the top teenage dramas has returned to their television screens.

Degrassi: The Next Generation is the show for ones who love meaningful entertainment. While offering out and out entertainment to the viewers, Degrassi: The Next Generation also highlights the serious issues inflicting the lives of teenagers. Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 episodes have also dissected into the emotions-packed brains of teenagers to depict their real feelings without any impartiality. This show has a mass appeal and viewers belonging to diverse age groups love to lay their eyes on it. High viewership generated by ongoing Degrassi: The Next Generation season is also because of the fact that the fan following of this TV show encompasses diverse age groups.

So, relive the spellbinding sequences of a well-crated teen drama by grabbing all available opportunities to watch Degrassi: The Next Generation season 10 online.